The New Normal

Haven't posted for a while as our world has been turned upside down. Strange and scary times. Everything familiar has been taken away, or so it feels. Cinema's, restaurants, theatre's, all shops selling non-essential goods and bookshops are closed for the foreseeable future. We are approaching the end of week three in Lockdown in the UK and settled into a new norm ~ although for many, it has taken a while to adjust to 'staying home.' Having to adjust to the norm of our liberties being taken away, for good reason, is nevertheless fraught with worry and stress. I now feel a calm (not resignation) and chilled. So this is how I'm coping:

1. Go with the flow. There is really nothing you can do about it. Now is most definitely the time to be a rebel and take on Authority.

2. Choose your sources of information wisely. There are too many armchair experts social media spouting non-sense and misinformation. News overload heightens anxiety, don't do it.

3. Having a routine will save your sanity and create some sort of normality.

4. Having a routine includes getting out of your pyjama's, tempting though it is. Wear something with a waistband twice a week will ensure your snacking habits don't get out of hand.

5. Talking of snacks, maybe that's why flour and basic baking essentials are like gold. Everyone's on a domestic kick. If so, me included, do take part in some form of daily exercise. Practice social distancing, etc etc and get some fresh air and vitamin D ~ it's good for your soul (and your waistband).

6. It's ok to be scared and tearful at times. We're worried about loved ones, what might happen to us personally. We're experiencing a situation that most of us have no experience of, but don't wallow, we will get through this.

7. Take it day by day. I definitely don't think far ahead because there are many unknowns out of my control. I do however keep a daily journal of what's going on. We're experiencing History in the making and want to keep a personal perspective on the crisis, and no, I won't be turning it into a novel.

8. We actually have permission to stay home! Unheard of! Read those books, watch those films, binge watch Netflix, listen to music. It's all good.

9. Technology has come into it's own as a way of staying in touch with people. It's not the same, and I do miss the face to face interaction with friends, but we have to make good with what we have. Ensure you seek positivity, and return the favour. Maybe 'mute' people for a while that make you feel stressed.

10. Plan your next holiday or getaway! I find I'm dreaming at night at Devon and Australia ~ places that have happy memories for me (isn't the mind a clever thing).

Above all, stay home, stay safe and well and I'll see you on the other side.

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