The Key to Life and Other Musings

Things I've pondered over and found have worked for me.

1. Work at something you love.

Yes, I've had my share of soul destroying jobs including general dogsbody in a hairdressers, and working in a well known Stationary chain. If you can find a job / career that you love, treasure the fact.

2. Find non-work stuff that brings you joy, otherwise known as a hobby. Or perhaps voluntary work where you can 'give back.'

When I worked in the health service for all the hours god sent I had no time for fun stuff. I was not a nice person.

3. Find love in your life.

Be that a partner, family, friendships, children, or a pet. Let's say yes to having a dog. Dogs love you unconditionally.

If it's a rescue dog, all the better as they know what it is to have loved and lost and loved again.

4. Practice Gratitude.

Find three things daily to be grateful for and write them down in a notebook or diary.

I know from experience even in the darkest of days you can find a glimmer of light. You'll look back and realise how strong and capable you are.

5. Happiness does not lie in 'things.'

Rather, it's about creating memories and experiences, preferably not always witnessed through your phone. You need to 'feel' experiences and not 'save it for later' in order to remember life by.

6. Be happy with who you are.

Do the emotional work so you feel better ~ you don't necessarily need to pay someone to help you through. Take courage in knowing who you are and what you are. Continue to spiritually grow and understand who you have come to be. Learn how to be comfortable in your own skin. I also know it takes practice.

7.Get rid of Toxic people in your life.

People who are unkind, unthinking and cruel. Who suck the very being out of you. You'll recognise these people by how they make you feel after you've left their company. Do you feel agitated and sad, or uplifted and joyful?

8. Engage with those who do uplift your spirits.

The folk who make you cross your legs and hope for the best as you cry with laughter. Who are there for you in your dark times and when life feels overwhelming ~ especially as hopefully they're not fair-weather friends and will stick with you through thick and thin.

Don't forget to reciprocate in kind ~ not because you 'must,' but because you love that person.

9. Engage with Nature ~ hug that tree!

Ok maybe not hug a tree exactly, but do get out in the fresh air on a daily basis. Take a walk in your local park or dip your toes in the sea. It's proven to be good for you and you'll feel chilled and relaxed.

Know that trees are looking after us humans. They breathe for us and we would literally not exist without them. Waves and ripples sooth our soul.

10. Choose to be kind.

Spread kindness even to the mean people as they need it the most. Don't forget to be kind to yourself. Sometimes this means the only thing you can do is to take yourself out of a situation (see '7').

The cliche about observing others and see how they treat waiters or shop staff I've found to be true. If they're rude, they will as likely be not nice people. Avoid!

11. Take time to appreciate Arty stuff.

A film, a book or visit an art gallery.

Even if you can't tell the difference between a Rembrandt and a Jackson Pollock, admire the beauty of its construction and the artistic, creative capabilities of humans. Especially if like me, you can't draw two lines together.

12. Enjoy your food ~ everything in moderation. Break bread regularly with friends

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