9 / 11 Memorial

I was in New York last June with a best friend and what an amazing city! One of the places we visited was the 9 / 11 memorial.

I remember that terrible day back in 2001. I was working in Kent as a health visitor and was driving to the first of my two afternoon appointments ~ both 'new birth visits.' The two o'clock news came over the radio and I couldn't believe my ears.

At my first visit a young mother opened her front door and said,

"Oh my god, something terrible has happened." My immediate thought was that something had happened to her baby but she reassured me that both she and her baby were fine. She had the television on and there on the news were pictures of the twin towers burning in New York. It was difficult to comprehend what we were witnessing. It was also impossible to carry out the visit as all the mother could do was hold her baby and watch the drama unfold. I briefly checked that the baby was ok and had been feeding well and arranged to return the following day to undertake a proper comprehensive visit. I drove to my next visit ~ twins ~ and met by both parents, similar scenario as we watched the horror unfold. Again impossible to carry out my full visit as intended. I sat on the sofa alongside the parents and watched the news with feelings of confusion, terror and bewilderment.

My friend and I had planned to visit the

9 / 11 Memorial as part of our trip.

It's a beautiful site that holds power in its simplicity of design and we were touched by the sense of serenity and peace that prevailed.

Adults and children, some quite young, displayed appropriate reverence.

We managed to hold emotions in check (being very English) until we took a closer look at the fountain with the names of all who had lost their lives inscribed around its edge. So many names.

We were overwhelmed seeing a woman's name 'and baby,'(she had been pregnant we assumed) and that somehow summed up for us the enormity of the tragedy. Tears flowed.

The Freedom Tower is stunning as the glass facade reflects the clouds. It is fitting that the tower is 1776 feet tall. I love the way the glass reflects the sky ~ the tower seems at one with the clouds.

A tree stands that was found under the rubble. It was taken away to be nursed back to health. It stands as a living symbol of resilience.

We also took time to visit the museum as well. It was a sombre afternoon but we felt that it was important to visit too.

We came away from the Memorial and Museum sober and emotionally exhausted, contemplating no matter however sad and tragic 9/11 was the human spirit is resilient and can overcome evil.

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