Social Media? Of Course!

Using Social Media, one way or another, is a big part of our lives. So I was surprised when a posting appeared on one of my timeline's that essentially said,

"I've no time for social media, I'm too busy writing."

I have to say I was shocked and the comment got me thinking. Is it really so bad to spend time engaging with virtual friends? Is writing only supposed to be about our work in progress (WIP)?

I have to say, I think they're wrong. Writers, or indeed any artists, need to promote themselves, build that platform of followers, in order to garner interest in their work.

The other thing is writing on different platforms hones your skills as different media require different input.

I use Twitter, though I'd be the first to say that at the moment I have a love hate relationship with tweeting. Not that I'm sticking my head in the sand, but my Twitter timeline is full of UK and US Politics. How did it get to be so negative and toxic? Also, how the heck did I get to have 27 lists on Twitter? I'm going to have to reorganise those lists so that I can find my 'creatives' and other friendlies more easily!

Facebook, to be honest is how I stay in contact with friends. No one phones or texts anymore ~ unless it's an 'emergency.' How else would I find out what's going on or arrange my social life?

Of course, here is my website and blog, where I muse about writing and other random stuff, as well as review / highlighting books I've read. I'll admit I was nervous of dipping my toes in the water initially. I'm what you might call an outgoing Introvert ~ initially shy but an extrovert when you get to know me. My life isn't an open book necessarily either, you have to keep some things private. Having said that, bit by bit I'm growing the site and a following, and for that I'm immensely grateful! I need to get more organised with posting updates ~ like London buses, wait for ages, then three (postings) come along at once. I think I'll promise myself to post once a week. Perhaps a, Here I am Friday's!

Any other postings in the week would be a bonus!

Then there's Instagram. I was late to this party, I thought it was for the young and the beautiful and their impossibly stylised lives. It is true, but how wrong was I? Instagram has been great in connecting with other writers and artists worldwide. Apart from the odd creep, well a few actually, that I've needed to block, it's been without doubt an inspiring and supportive experience. Instagram has become my favourite platform to share on!

So how to juggle all this with sitting down to write? It's evolved over time as I found out (the hard way) how to keep all aspects of my life in balance. Generally speaking, first thing I browse all my social media, put up postings ~ Instagram in particular I post daily. I try to not spend more than an hour doing this, otherwise you turn into Alice and disappear down a rabbit hole, and half the day is gone before you know it. I do keep an eye on Insta during the day due to the time differences across the world, so that it doesn't become impossible to reply or react to everyone if I just checked in daily. Then, an hour's exercise of some description. I'm no fanatic but need to be doing 'something' most mornings if only to clear my head. It's no coincidence if I miss out on being outside for a brisk walk or run, my writing falters. Also, being in the fresh air I'm able to have a conversation with my characters or sort a knotty plot problem. Then I do what ever else needs to be doing ~ you know the boring stuff like house work or food shopping, we have to survive after all. Some days all day is taken up with socialising with friends, but that's essential isn't it? Afternoon's at the moment are taken up with Agent submissions, otherwise it will be writing related. Planning, making notes or my website. I'm more of a night owl so my WIP writing is done of an evening and into the night when the house is quiet. Bliss! None of this is cast in stone, I'm flexible to cope with surprises, life's glitches, and the mood I'm in to be writing more!

Oh, and reading lots of books.

"If you don't have time to read, you don't have the time, or the tools, to write."

~ Stephen King.

He's right you know.

Find me at:

Twitter ann@nearthetown

Instagram writerintheattic

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