Am I keeping up? Nope!

Halfway through September and am I keeping up? Nope, not a chance! I've lost August ~ what happened I ask myself? August got off to a good start with a day trip to Inverness ~ bearing in mind I live in the South-East ~ it was totally bonkers to even consider the trip. That story I'll leave for another posting. Then out of nowhere I suffered a nasty Staph infection on my leg, that knocked me for six. It was all I could do to keep my eyes open, wanting to sleep most of the time and a temperature. I couldn't sit nor stand, laying down was the only option. Thank God the summer heatwave was over ~ dripping with sweat and unwell? No thankyou! Thank God also for antibiotics ~ where would we be without them? Very sick is the answer. I hate taking medications in any form, gagging and retching like a cat with a fur ball. It was telling of how desperate I was to get well, that I threw the capsules down my throat with a glug or two of water and swallowed hard. I even forgive my grumpy GP at the village surgery, who was clearly rushed off his feet and no doubt feeling harassed judging by his permanent frown as in between patients he strode between consulting room, reception and back again.

My head felt like cotton wool and writing even a sentence was out of the question. Reading ~ and I read everyday ~ was also out of the window as I couldn't concentrate for long enough to read a page never mind a chapter. Still, feeling much better and getting my head around my story-lines once more. Maybe because I had an enforced 'step back' from writing, clarity came back as soon as my appetite returned (strange that). I'll share more about my current project soon.

The enforced rest offered the opportunity to think where my website and blog are going. A wise writer friend recently offered advice and said that I needed to be more self-centred and "stop thinking too much about others.......this website should be all about you!" Gulp! As a nurse in a former life, to self promote goes against the grain, but I'm getting better at it I promise. I can only be myself at the end of the day. So, more postings and musings on what I'm getting up to and more book reviews ~ as many as I can fit in, or at least those books I enjoyed the most and would like to share with you.

Now I'm well again and back in writing mode, I'm also champing at the bit, I've no excuse not to get back to running again, well jogging. Don't judge, it gets me off the couch. A week before I became ill I brought a new pair of running shoes. I hope it wasn't an omen.

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