Finding The Right Location

My novel, The Longing, is a domestic noire, a thriller with many twists and turns, and is currently doing the rounds of Agent Querying. Without giving all the game away, my protagonist Jen, who is childless, plans to steal her friend Ella's baby when born, which may or may not include murder. I mean, just how far would you go to turn a friends problem to your solution? When I was researching, plotting and planning, before even starting to write the first draft, I gave a lot of thought to the location of various scenes. Getting the setting or settings right is as important as any other aspect of a novel. I wanted the locations to reflect Jen's thoughts and feelings. I specifically needed som

Why Black Lives Matter

I don't know who this picture belongs to. If you do, let me know and I'm more than happy to credit fully. I've set to writing this blog so many times in the last week before pressing delete. Not knowing where to start, or if I'm making sense, nor of wanting to appear insensitive. More importantly, I didn't want to add to the chorus of white voices that potentially mute the voices of those that truly matter. I don't know if I'm going to make sense, but here goes. I like to think I'm 'aware' of BME issues, diversity and culture. For 10 years or so of my previous career, before focusing on writing full-time, I worked as a senior manager and as a lecturer in the field of health visiting / Public

So Here We Are

2020 is hurrying along ~ how when things are so discombobulated? Things being what they are, I've had an awful lot of time to think, and I've been reflecting back over my 2019 ~ what a year and not all for the right reasons. Doesn't matter how young or old you are it pays to review where you're at every now and then. Are you on the right track? How well do you feel? What needs to change. Have to say I kicked to the curb a lot of toxicity in my life and have never felt better. Ditch the dye! In April 2019 I 'ditched the dye' after decades of drenching my hair with chemicals. Brown, pinks, various shades of red and blonde, I loved mixing it up. I'd been playing with the idea of not dyeing my

Keeping A Lid On It and Other Factors

We're in week gazillion of Lockdown in UK and hope you're all keeping safe and well. Don't know about you, but I'm beginning to enjoy being in a bubble perhaps a bit too much, I'm not sure I want to get used to this new 'normal,' for there's nothing normal about any of this at all. Don't know about you, but I don't want to be in a world where there is advice to cover my face in some public places, social distancing and I can't hug my friends. When we first went into Lockdown I thought, "Yippee, all this peace and quiet to write!" How wrong was I? It has proved near impossible. Apparently, the inability to concentrate is a world wide phenomenon and many writers have found it tricky committi

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