Writing is Like Homework

I wish I knew who to credit for the above as I'd like to thank them. It struck a nerve as writing has been a struggle for a few weeks. Writing is never easy, if anyone says otherwise they're lying. Writing is always hard work. I have a story planned out, plotted in detail and know where the twists and turns are going to happen. Getting it down onto metaphorical paper has been another matter, with stop starts as I try to work out what's wrong. I couldn't figure out the why? Took time out, including spending far too much time on social media ~ she laughs as she calls it 'research.' Reading more books, I have four on the go at the mo. Then the penny drops. I've been writing from the wrong poin

Memories are Strange

Memories are strange aren't they? For they are unique in how we remember our truth in our experiences and of a life lived. Recently a friend and me were reminiscing about our trip to New York in June. We had packed in so much to do and see in our six days there, we came back to London happy but exhausted, before going our separate ways home. We had been looking at photo's that brought our trip to New York alive! We recalled the places we had visited and people we had met. My friend would remember details that I'd forgotten and vice versa. Like I'd spotted an actor walking along Broadway (where else) and couldn't remember his name. I still can't actually ~ oops! We remembered slightly differ

Magnificant Midlife Interview (Part 2)

I hope you enjoyed part one of my interview with Rachel Lancaster, and here is part two. What do you love most about the age you are? "Ageing is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength," Betty Friedan. True isn't it? Being this age is liberating! How did I get here when I still think I'm in my thirties? Time is passing all too quickly. I love being 60 because what's the alternative? I know far too many people who haven't made it this far, be it through illness, accident or suicide. So I'm grateful for the life and energy that I have. Besides, I don't feel 60 and have always had a young at heart approach to life. Each decade brings it's own dimensions and challenges ~ pos

Magnificent Midlife Interview (Part one)

Earlier in the summer I was delighted to be interviewed by Rachel Lancaster of The Mutton Club (themuttonclub.com), as I'd made a mid-life decision to change my direction in life to follow my dream of being a writer full-time. This was originally published on the Mutton Club website and Rachel has kindly allowed me to recreate the interview here (with a few minor tweaks), so you can get to know me a little better. You can find the Mutton Club on twitter @MagnifMidlife and at magnificantmidlife.com What made you decide to do what you do? My midlife change was to take early retirement in my 50s to focus on writing full-time. I was a teenager in the 70s and from a working class background, and

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