Do the Voices in My Head Bother You?

I needed to get to know one of my main characters better, I have Mary engaging in a conversation with an imaginary psychiatrist to see what she may reveal. As I wrote in an earlier posting, The Old Green Bicycle I wanted to write freely without worrying about content or how simple it might appear to the reader. It was written in a way to get my creative juices flowing. So here we have it, a snippet of Mary talking to her psychiatrist about her younger sister Carol running off with her fiancé, Will, all those years ago. Psychiatrist (Psy): How did you feel about what happened at the time? Mary (M): How do you expect me to feel? Heartbroken. Angry. Embarrassed, foolish that I didn't see what w

The Old Green Bicycle

I stumbled across the above image, posted anonymously on the internet, while I was looking for something else (like you do). It sparked the gem of an idea for my next novel. The Old Green Bicycle is a love story, of friendships and best of all, a story of revenge on love gone wrong. Set in Devon, an area I know well, and has the backdrop of summer festivals in Dartmouth, that lends itself to characters and events that are 'dark.' Why Dartmouth? Well Dartmouth is a beautiful place and an area I love, second only to my home county of Kent. The geography of Dartmouth lends itself nicely to the storyline with its river, steep hills, a castle and a mermaid. Plus, Dartmouth hosts festivals that ar

It's September Already!

How are we at September all ready? The year's definitely has its skates on! So after a quiet August blog wise, I've posted Just Going for a Run about the similarities of writing and trying to get fitter ~ you gotta stick at both! Finished reading some great books this summer, including Ali Land's Good Me Bad Me, and Felicia Yap's, Yesterday ~ posted review's under 'Books ~ July / August Reads & Reviews.' Go and have a sneaky peak and let me know what you think. Have chosen September / October reads ~ not such an ambitious list as before as I need to buckle down on getting another manuscript finished this autumn (by Christmas I'm aiming for). Can always find time for a read though. My other

Just going for a Run

Getting out of bed of a morning, even in summer, can be torture, knowing a run is my choice to start my day. I pretty much get up and dressed and out the door before my brain realises what I'm up to. I use the term 'running' loosely as it's more of a jog or a brisk walk, but at least I'm going faster than if sitting on a couch all day. Out in the fresh air and greenery (or as we've had some heavy rain of late, mud, mud and more mud), it clears my head and gets my creative juices flowing. I get to hear my characters having a conversation or arguments in my head. A knotty plot point that seemed impossible to resolve, untangles in an, 'uh ha!' light bulb moment. There's the bonus of finding m

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