Lunch with Rose!

I recently caught up with Rose McGinty at her Electric Souk book signing at Waterstones in Ashford. Afterwards we had a late lunch, putting the world to rights about work, writing and all things on the road to publishing! It's good to share with other writers not only your hopes and dreams, but overcoming the obstacles in getting ahead in the literary world. Then reminding ourselves that finishing a manuscript is something in itself! It's a matter of time, tenacity and a big pinch of luck to get any further. We patted ourselves on the back, realising if we can work hard in the NHS, at a senior level, so used to dealing with deadlines, targets, criticism, editing, blah blah, then we are mo

The Deaf Cat Cafe, Rochester in Kent

An overcast Friday morning as I head for Rochester, a lovely city by the river, complete with a cathedral and it's castle. With it's quirky shops and cafe's it's unspoilt and well worth a visit. The Deaf Cat Cafe is one of my a best kept secret (until now)! The cafe's name comes with an historical link to the writer Charles Dickens, who spent his early years in Medway, and his later years at Gad's Hill House in Highham, north of Rochester. The original deaf cat used to sit on Dickens desk as he wrote, almost like an ornament, a muse to inspire. Funnily enough, the cafe used to have a cat of it's own that came to sit and watch the world go by. Or wandered by the fruit and veg shop next door.

Notebooks and Story Boards

Now that I have a completed Manuscript I'm reflecting on how The Longing came to take shape in this beautiful notebook, the cover of red and gold embroidery (the photo doesn't do the colours justice). The way the button and thread held together until looped out of the way. The cover opened like a trifold to reveal pristine, cream velour pages. It seemed a shame to spoil. In fact the notebook had been a gift and for a long time remained untouched. However, it came to be that this was naturally the only place to start writing my novel in the initial stages. Opening the pages some two maybe three years later, it's interesting to see how the original storyline evolved from loose jottings to th

What to look out for in May!

Blog - my writing journey continues Interviews - Look out for, upcoming interview with Rose McGinty, author of Electric Souk; and Helen Irene Young author of the May Queen. Books - Look out for What am I reading in May / June? Look out for Book Reviews Look out for my current top ten reads

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